MOU signed by Hiiu Parish and Nelja Energia

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2014 between the Hiiu Parish (a rural municipality in Hiiumaa Island) and Nelja Energia AS and Hiiumaa Offshore Windfarm, with an aim to develop the first offshore wind farm in Estonia. The scale of the wind park and the future co-operation with the local community was agreed in the MOU.
Georg Linkov, the Mayor of Hiiu Parish signed the agreement with Martin Kruus, CEO of Nelja Energia and a board member of Hiiumaa Offshore Windfarm Ltd. In line with the agreement, the offshore wind farm will provide several benefits to the Hiiumaa island and its inhabitants as well as lay down the main requirements of the local community:
  • wind turbines will not be built within 12 km line starting from the coast line of Hiiumaa;
  • wind turbines will not be built on the Neupokojev shoal;
  • wind farm must help to improve the local electricity system;
  • the operation base will be located in Hiiumaa creating jobs for about 30 persons directly and 20 persons indirectly. Also the service and maintenance trainings will take place in Hiiumaa;
  • favourable investment possibilities will be offered to the inhabitants of Hiiumaa island (fixed yield 15%);
  • a support scheme through a local non-governmental association will be created;
  • support is provided in establishing energy co-operatives.
The MOU is available here (in Estonian).